digital transformation

One of the largest commercial banks in the Democratic Republic of Congo was looking at scaling up efficiencies and customer onboarding. Profinch was onboarded as the strategic partner, to help them through the transformation.

Challenge on hand

The bank required: Efficient Onboarding using end-to-end digitisation | The ability to cater to a greater load of transactions in an easier way

Project Scope

The scope of the project was finalised as below:
Simplicity with CASA transactions: The solution was provided to make the process simpler for account maintenance, payments/transfers, bill payments, statements and service requests
Smooth vault transactions: Digitizing vault transactions and bank branch activities for bank’s operations


digital transformation
20% increase in efficiency through digitization of the banking processes
digital transformation
Enabled digital transformation leading to more transactions and volumes
digital transformation
Improved customer experience scores through digitization and simpler workflows


Starting the digital transformation journey for the bank enabled the bank to reduce manual interventions and become confident of its flawless outputs. The project was delivered and created an immense impact on the bank’s ecosystem. This built the trust between the client and Profinch because of which the bank continues to partner with us for newer projects.