With a strong operational footprint across Africa and headquartered at Botswana, the client was a leading banking group with a sound understanding of the diverse financial market in the region. Founded over two decades ago, the client was looking at meeting new age banking needs and get itself future ready to keep pace with the dynamic banking landscape in the continent.

Challenge Ahead

The client was keen on setting up a new Data Center for Core Banking System and peripheral applications. A robust Data Center is critical to the scalability, reliability and strength of the Core Banking system of a bank. The client sought a partner who could understand their requirements keeping in mind their extensive operations & reach, the need for future-readiness & scalability and deploy a data center infrastructure in the client’s timeline.

Project Scope

Post a comprehensive understanding of the client’s requirements, following points were considered for setting up of Datacenter Recommendations
DR site with switchover of database in less than 10 mins
Sizing with regards Online-Storage & Offline-Storage (Tapes)
DR Site Server computing capacity consideration at 50% for all primary sites
Robust Middleware architecture with respect to capacity and better performance
Sizing with regards Server capacity (Hardware, Memory, CPU & Network) to be scalable for 1/3/5 Years
High availability with regards all Hardware components in the Primary Site Datacenter.
Robust architectural design with scalable capacity planning.
Oracle technology Stack Licence consolidation at Group level and Countries Level


The Data Center implementation helped augment brand’s efficiency and streamline vital processes. Following are the key highlights
Improved Disaster Recovery Capability
Improved Monitoring of Database for Performance Measurement for proactive administration
Ease of support and maintenance with automated solutions
Completion of Teller transactions in less than 5 seconds
Significant reduction in Database Backup time from 6 hours to 1 hour and 20 minutes which effectively reduced EOD Time to 1 hour and 30 mins
Consolidation of Oracle stack License with respect to Dedicated and Shared Datacenter


The client, with a well-established banking presence and a strong customer base needed a partner in its growth strategy who would understand the business requirement of today but march a step ahead and offer solutions for tomorrow. Profinch was successful in creating a state-of-the-art infrastructure setup that is future-ready, continuously upgrading and on the path of increased reliability and robustness to face growth and market challenges.