digital transformation

One of the prestigious banks in Malawi embarked on a digitization journey last year and chose FinFlowz as their digitization partner.

Challenge Ahead

The bank required: Digitisation of their originations system | Efficient agency onboarding systems

Project Scope

The scope of the project was finalised as below:
Customer & CASA Onboarding: This included retail and corporate customer onboarding and new account creation workflow that could serve both new and existing customers
Agency Onboarding and USSD Banking: Covered agency onboarding, agent onboarding, multiple agents under one agency, commission setup. Also, various transactions like cash deposit, cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, utility payments etc to be enabled through USSD
Loan Origination: Setup LOS for both retail and corporate loan with multiple levels of approvals and stages as requested by the bank
MFI Origination: Enabled MFI customer creation, MFI loan origination and disbursement through FinFlowz.


digital transformation
Better turnaround time for account opening
digital transformation
The workflow setup was extensively customized and tailored to the bank’s needs
digital transformation
Composable architecture has paved the way for operational efficiencies, driving about 30% cost savings


This digital transformation project made the bank run a smooth process for its Loan Origination, Agency Banking and MFI originations process. In turn, the bank’s business benefitted from the effective changes to their system in terms of better productivity and higher efficiency. The value FinFlowz added to the bank’s ecosystem enabled Profinch to continue the relationship with the bank with future projects.