data transformation

A leading bank in Ethiopia wanted to use its existing model of OBIEE to make further enhancements to their entire system.

Challenge Ahead

Deployment of business-critical dashboards on the new OBIEE platform. | Additional features to build over OBIEE.

Project Scope

The scope of project was finalized as per below :
Branch wise remodelling of FinCluez ELT to achieve branch wise processing
Integrate FinCluez with OFSAA
OFSAA handoff to work seamlessly with the catch feature
Additional AML reports to be made available to bank


The project saw successful completion in the discussed timeline with customisations done to ably meet the specific requirements. Fincluez was suitably adapted and could be integrated seamlessly with existing systems.
data transformation
Deployment of business-critical dashboards on the new OBIEE platform
data transformation
Branch wise remodelling of Fincluez ELT to achieve branch wise processing
data transformation
Fincluez was successfully integrated with OFSAA
data transformation
OFSAA handoff is working seamlessly
data transformation
Additional AML reports have been made available to the bank


Effectively leveraging the data assets drove robust business decisions, met compliance needs and became that one thing that set the bank apart from the rest in its pack. The client continues to engage with Profinch team on their extensive experience of technological enablement of banks the world over and is keen on partnering with Profinch on newer projects.