core banking

The client is a UK-based challenger bank focused on hassle-free domestic and international transfers, peer-to-peer payments, and retail and agrarian microlending programs.


The client bank was looking at a strategic partner to help them with a multi-country implementation of Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking Solution (CBS) along with OBPay and OB API in a hybrid cloud (AWS+OCI) environment. Owing to the expertise of Oracle FLEXCUBE CBS along with OBPay and OB API in a hybrid cloud (AWS+OCI) environment, Profinch was signed up as the strategic partner.


The scope of project was finalized as per below
Deployment of Berlin’s Standard OBAPI for the bank
Payments Processing across the whole of Europe
Integrating Oracle Banking products with several third-party interfaces for FX, Payments, ID&V, DMS, AML, KYC, Credit Scoring, account segregation etc.


The implementation was successfully completed and the client digitally capacitated in the stipulated timeline.
core banking
End-to-end automated processing
core banking
Multi-tenancy deployment
core banking
FLEXCUBE is containerized and deployed on public cloud for horizontal scalability
core banking
Use of tested methodologies to fast-track deployment for quick ROI


Partnering with a challenger bank at its outset and setting up core systems was exciting for the Profinch team. The team could handhold and guide the bank, bringing in significant value. Profinch was successful in setting up a robust scalable foundational system for the bank and empowering them with the technical know-how required for driving operational efficiencies.