Premier commercial bank of Malawi onboards Profinch for FLEXCUBE 12.0.3 production support.

Managed Services

The client is a medium-sized retail bank serving individuals and businesses across Malawi. Founded over 5 years ago, it is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Reserve Bank of Malawi, the Central Bank and national banking regulator.


The client engaged Profinch for the production support of Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Suite and Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking. The client was keen on partnering with a company that held exhaustive experience with Oracle’s suite of products across various geographies.

Project Scope

The scope of the project was finalized as per below


Engagement with Profinch has helped ensure a smooth and seamless implementation experience. With two Consultants deployed for the project (1 Consultants – Onsite, 1 Consultant – Offshore), support was readily available to promptly address any emergent issues. Smooth implementation of Flexcube is helping the client further strengthen its offering to its wide network of consumers.