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An organisation’s core systems underpin all major operations. The literatim foundation of an organization, strong systems create customer delights and enable forward hops in the tough but vibrant market. There is a need to uncomplicate processes and build simple systems that fully mesh with business priorities, all within the fold of regional regulatory regimes. We understand this need, and over the last 8 years, have fostered many-a-projects answering it.

Our Consulting solutions stack covers key functional areas

Core Banking Consulting

40+ Customers

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Digital Banking Consulting

20+ Customers

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Banking Analytics and Regulatory Compliance

10+ Customers

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

5+ Customers

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Infrastructure Services

15+ Customers

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Managed Services

15+ Customers

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“Long-term business transformations start from changes done right – seamlessly and smoothly.”
We at Profinch enable transitions with our range of services




System Integration

Training and Testing

Health Check

Application Performance Management



Constructing a robust ecosystem isnʼt no sweat, but we have been able to make it seamless and measurable with our proprietary process framework EDGE. Drawing from exhaustive industry knowledge and an in-depth experience of working with 150+ organisations world over, EDGE breaks the project journey into smaller mileposts each with its control mechanisms in place to ensure spectacular quality delivery all along.


Detailed Strategy and Program Plan, Implementation Packs with scope and critical success factors clearly outlined for intensive monitoring.


Team re-skilling and up-skilling to build expertise.


Solution Fitment understanding, Migration, Production & Transition, Solution Configuration with custom extensions followed by User Training.


Program Governance – Risk, Impediments & Dependencies Tracking

We are fanatic about delivering exceptional
quality and consistently monitor through

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