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Global Transaction Banking

With Profinch’s GTB offerings for banking and financial institutions, customers can now expect a seamless corporate banking experience, greater compliance and efficient cross border transactions and payments.  Our GTB customization and tailored packs across modules, dovetail with Oracle’s superior GTB stack and provide in country benefits faster and in lesser cost.

Build GTB Through Your Maturity Cycle

Innovative And Best Of Breed Stack Of Offering

Oracle’s Componentized Corporate and Transaction Banking Suite

Consulting Solutions To Rapidly Innovate, Provide Superior Customer Experiences, Improve Staff Experiences, Manage Risk And Adhere To Regulations

Backed by extensive experience, we offer an array of services

With Packs, Accelerators And Tools Across GTB Domains

With Packs, Accelerators And Tools Across GTB Domains

With Our Differentiated Offerings, Delivering Accelerated ROI At Optimal Costs.

Drive GTB’s Digital Innovation and Data Journeys With Atumverse

We are passionate about delivering solutions that provide high value and agility, and hence help build lasting relationships with customers.
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