Featured in IBS Intelligence: The Arsenal Your Bank Needs.

With digitization dotting the length and breadth of daily life, a huge amount of data gets whipped up by the hour. Every credit card transaction, every message sent, every web page opened – it adds up to 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced daily across the globe.

This is as big an opportunity as it is an overwhelming statistic – an opportunity for even temperately clever businesses to lap up and capitalize on. Of all, Banking industry is sitting on a large piece of the pie since it generates a colossal volume of data inhouse.

The long and short of Banking Digitization.

It would not be a stretch to say that banking has picked up the gauntlet of digital revolution and responded with mobile and internet banking. It literally is ‘banking on the go’ with smart interfaces offering a host of banking conveniences. Some of these banks have gone a step further towards digitizing their mid and back office operations to build efficiencies and deliver seamless customer experiences.

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