FinFlowz is a single digitization and automation platform that enables you to implement end-to-end Branch Automation, Agency Banking and Branchless Banking. FinFlowz not only eliminates the hassle of using complex IT and manual, paper-based processes but also drives high operational efficiencies thus powering superior customer experiences.

FinFlowz brings you
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Intuitive Omni-channel Experience
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Built-in Workflow Tool and Onboarding Data Framework
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Pre-integrated DMS
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Microservices-web applications with drag and drop IDE
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Automated Notifications
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Commission Engine and Reporting
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Component Based Technology
Profinch addresses all needs
  • Auto synchronization

    Auto synchronization through USSD adapter once connected in real-time.

  • Branchless Banking

    Take your banking right to your customer.

  • Agency Banking

    App (across devices) helps acquire and service on the go.

  • Paperless Processing

    Friction-less branch operations with complete digitization.

  • Branch Automation

    Customize the workflow as required.

FinFlowz comes with an exhaustive coverage of out of the box applications. The platform empowers you to build your own workflows / applications.
Branch Automation
Branchless Banking

Customer and Account Onboarding

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Retail and Corporate Loan Origination

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Teller Operations

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Agency Banking

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Customer and Account Onboarding

Customer and Account onboarding being the critical first step in acquiring a new customer is a tightrope walk between providing superior customer experience and meeting compliance requirements. FinFlowz makes it simple by

  • Capturing customer data and documents on a single screen giving the banker choice to transact
  • Tracking conversion ratio from lead to customer
  • Tracking time taken for each stage of the process
  • Seamlessly integrating with leading core banking and back office systems
  • Integrating with credit bureaus
  • Understanding the customer profile for cross-selling and up-selling

Retail and Corporate Loan Origination

There is a felt need for dynamic & continuously evolving technology to optimise an otherwise cumbersome process of Retail and Corporate loan origination cycle. FinFlowz seamlessly automates it by ensuring

  • A unified and configurable single platform for all types of consumer loans
  • Automated rule-based assigning of tasks
  • Automated flow of data across departments for faster turnaround
  • Role-based data access such that departments only access their data
  • Enabling decision-making for the best product
  • Notification reminders for various processes
  • Role based dashboards that list transactions to act upon
  • Templatized questionnaires for customer ratings to decide flows
  • Reduced lending cost per customer
  • Integration with multiple external bureaus


A comprehensive solution for all wallet needs of banks. With FinFlowz wallets, banks can quickly roll out value added features for customers and acquire new customers.

  • Wallet signup and Registration along with QR code creation
  • Wallet loading (from bank accounts within the bank)
  • Wallet to Wallet / contact transfer (from wallets within the bank)
  • Wallet to Account Transfer (within the bank)
  • Utility Payments and Mobile Recharge through wallet
  • Wallet Passbook
  • Basic Transaction Reports
  • Invoice and Receipt for wallet transactions
  • Scan QR code to pay
  • Receive payments through QR code
  • Raise Dispute on transactions
  • Loan repayment from wallet


Insurance penetration across the world remains abysmally low, in single digits. While the industry is saddled with multiple problems, technology is playing an important role in addressing challenges that have traditionally been the showstoppers. FinFlowz for Insurance helps with

  • Workflow management: Onboarding, Claims, Chatbots, e-KYC, Fraud and Investigation processes
  • Regulatory reporting: Combined ratios, GWP, Claims Paid, IBNR, Solvency requirements, Expenses
  • Analytics & insights: Customer Personas, Product & Portfolio performance, Risk Insights
  • Core functions: Rules Engines, External Integrations, Product Configurations, Risk modelling

Teller Operations

Teller Operations is the primary touchpoint of the customer with the banking world. When ably supported by technology, it can become the springboard for customer satisfaction. Finflowz simplifies teller operations by

  • Allowing flexibility for configuring transaction limits in the system
  • Supporting multi-currency transactions from a single screen
  • Providing a robust Till and Vault framework
  • Providing UX that helps reduce customer servicing time
  • Ensuring enhanced user experience for ease of transactions
  • Allowing multiple transactions for a single customer
  • Making transactions related data available on the same screen
  • Allowing transaction authorization based on digital signatures or biometrics
  • Incorporating flexibility to add customer restrictions of various types

Agency Banking

There’s a growing need to add revenue steams and reach out to customers across remote geographical areas. Agency Banking offers an efficient and cost-effective solution.

  • Onboard customers anytime
  • Reduce cost of operations
  • On-the-go offline advantage
  • Doc management system makes documents secure and available
  • Multiple products and payment facilities through a single agent
  • Powerful integration with existing systems
  • Flexible Reporting and Reconciliation frameworks
  • Helps build value added services on the same framework
  • Scale up or down depending on your requirement


We wanted a partner with rich experience in implementation and delivery. We onboarded Profinch and continue to engage on multiple projects, including using their data platform, FinCluez.

Khisrow Fazli
COO, Ghazanfar Bank, Afghanistan

On the infra front, our performance has improved, ensuring high availability and disaster recovery.

Molefe Petros
CIO, BancABC, Botswana

Rate them highly on service delivery, functional and technical know-how. Well informed, managed the entire project well. Process frameworks and tools ensured smooth implementation.

Dilshod Narzulloev
CEO, Tamvil Finance, Tajikistan

FinCluez has changed our Business Intelligence & Reporting landscape. One of the most robust and user-friendly data platforms in the market.

Hameed Mohammed
Assistant Vice President IT, Mawarid Finance PJSC, UAE

FinFlowz has helped us become more efficient. Importantly, the users have found FinFlowz easy to use and has helped them have better control over processes.

Lutfi Al Shukaili
Head of Customer Experience - Alizz Islamic Bank, Oman

Smoothly managed the entire project. Extremely committed. Met deadlines.

Vidyasagar Bedida
VP, Technology and Processes, Jana Small Finance Bank, India

We decided on Profinch and haven’t looked back. Team is enthusiastic, innovative and determined to support.

Bhkhtovar Yusufi
Deputy CIO, Orienbank, Tajikistan

Liked the process-oriented approach. Well prepared during all project stages. Helped us meet timelines.

Charles Crabbe
Head of Operations, GCB Bank Ltd

Extremely competent, forthcoming and professional. Turn around projects as per timelines and have the right blend of skills.

AMHA Tadesse
VP - IT, Zemen Bank, Ethiopia