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What is Atumverse?

The World’s First ‘Single Platform’ to build Data, Regulatory, Digital Applications and Workflows on an IDE

About Atumverse - Fintech - Digital Banking Solution - Profinch
About Atumverse - Fintech - Digital Banking Solution - Profinch
Atumverse - Fintech - Digital Banking Solution - Profinch
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What does Atumverse address?

Transform with Digital

Lead with

Drive Efficiencies

Atumverse Digital Platform - Out-of-Box Applications

Atumverse Onboarding

- Integration with Credit Bureaus
- Aids in cross-selling and up-selling
- Time is tracked for each stage of the process, which aids in streamlining.
- Customer data and docs on a single screen, giving the choice to transact
- Monitor the lead-to-customer conversion ratio.
- Transact offline

Atumverse Loan Origination

- Configurable Single Platform
- Notification Reminders for Various Processes
- Automated Rule-based Assigning Of Tasks
- Role-Based Dashboards List Transactions To Act On
- Automated Flow Of Data Across Departments
- Questionnaires for Customer Ratings
- Role-based Data Access
- integration with multiple external bureaus.
- Automated Reports
- End-to-end Automation

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Atumverse Account Servicing

- Enhanced UX for ease of transactions
- Allows multiple transactions for a single customer
- Transactions Data Available On The Same Screen
- Authorization Based On Digital Signatures Or Biometrics
- Add Customer Restrictions Of Various Types

Atumverse Payments

- Assign Transactions To Treasury For Preferential Exchange Rates
- Uploaded Transaction Docs Available For Full Transaction Life Cycle
- Multiple Products And Payment Facilities Through A Single Agent
- Comprehensive Security And Risk Management Framework
- Robust Payment Monitoring
- Pickup Charges From Core Systems
- Define Rules To Check Risks

Atumverse Teller

- Configure Flexible Transaction Limits
- Multiple Transactions For A Single Customer
- Multi-currency Transactions From A Single Screen
- Transactions Data Available On The Same Screen
- Robust Till And Vault Framework
- Authorization By Digital Signatures Or Biometrics

Atumverse Wallets

- Wallet sign up and registration along with QR code creation
- Wallet to wallet / Contact transfer
- Wallet to Account transfer
- Utility payments and mobile recharge through wallet
- Wallet Passbook, Transaction reports
- Scan QR code to pay
- Loan repayment from wallet

Atumverse Agency Banking

- Onboard Customers Anytime, Anywhere
- On-the-go-offline Advantage
- DMS Makes Docs Secure And Available
- Multiple Products And Payment Facilities Through A Single Agent
- Flexible Integrations With Partner Systems
- Powerful Auditing With Geo Location
- Flexible Reporting And Reconciliation Frameworks

Atumverse Insurance

- Simplified onboarding and claims using bots, digital / audio / video KYC
- Workflow Automation for UW, claims, and admin functions
- Document & Letter generation
- Customer 360 : Help Center, Demographics, lifestyle, spend, other products
- Omnichannel Access to information
- Coverage across Health, Life, Motor, P&C Insurance, Fire Insurance, Travel Insurance

Atumverse Corporate Banking

- H2H payments
- Trade Finance Workflows
- Treasury Automations
- Customer Statements
- Branch Settlements and many more…

Atumverse Collections

- Identify, process, and track delinquent customers
- Analyze and view customer metrics
-  Execute collections strategies according to customer data
- Automate collections management process
-  Schedule and follow up using digital methods
-  Retain records of customer payments
-  Review a customer's demographic and age data
-  Automated allocation process
- Attach notes to a customer's records
-  Use notifications / reminders / tags for better tracking
-  Collection agent and KPI tracking

Atumverse Queue Management

-  Integrated online appointment scheduling offering “Zero Wait” time for privileged customers
-  Virtual token activation on arrival
-  Intelligent routing of customers based on tasks and bank staff availability
-  Customer prioritization based on customer value
-  Automated Data capture and distribution through pre-integrated DMS
-  Enhanced UX for ease of transactions

Atumverse Underwriting

-  Define UW rules specific to products
-  Configure medical test sets, define medical / financial grids, authority limits for users
-  Create reflexive questionnaires
-  Built in Maker – Checker logic
-  On-Premise and Cloud deployments
-  Upload and retrieve documents related to proposals
-  Role based access control
-  UI to configure workflows and stages
-  REST and SOAP enabled Integration engine to interact with systems
-  Analytics module for insights on past performance, refining rules
-  Audit trail of all transactions
-  Detailed, configurable, user-friendly UW dashboards

Atumverse Data Platform - Out-of-Box Applications

Atumverse Data Lake

- Single source of truth for internal purposes
- Coverage across Retail, Corporate, Islamic Banking, Sales
- Thousands of OOB KPIs, metrics, dashboards and operational reports
- Industry standard banking data mart across 20+ areas - like Loans, Deposits, Treasury, Trade, Securities etc.
- Prebuilt banking data lake
- Data fabric and catalogue
- Statistical Modelling

Atumverse Reg Reporting

- Ready to deploy solution
- Easy to maintain reports
- Easy to manage changes
- Easy integration with other systems
- Self Service and drill downs
- Pre integrated adapters
- Robust ELT process and scheduler with alerts
- Maker checker and audit trail for adjustments
- Backward traceability
- Reconciliation and validations built in
- Regulatory reporting for 10+ Countries

BSP's Regulatory Reporting Solution

BSP’s evolving regulatory changes demands banks to adopt innovative and adaptable solutions. Simplify management of data and transaction journeys for efficient BSP Reporting using Atumverse…

RBI ADF / CIMS Reporting for India

Today, Indian banks are met with a burgeoning requirement for regulatory reporting…

APRA-EFS REG-Reporting Solution

Financial institutions must undergo transformative change as current legacy technology platforms, tools…


Digital Platform that orchestrates seamless digital journeys across user groups and channels

Data Platform for Reporting
and Analytics


APIs & Microservices

Drag & Drop IDE

Knowledge Portal

Unified Code base

Realtime Notifications

Configurable Frameworks

Data Models

Ready Templates


Data Quality & Traceability

Recon & Adjustments

Prebuilt Integrations –
Internal & External

Centralized Configurations

What makes Atumverse unique?

Low Code


Platform Agnostic

Cloud Ready

Institutionalizing Value Acceleration Across FIs and Domains

Corporate and Global Transaction Banking

Islamic Banking

Commercial Banking

Digital and Neo Banking

Microfinance and NBFC

Mergers, Consolidation and Multi-country rollout

Digitization, Customer and Back office

Fraud Management

Financial Crime and Compliance

Central Banks

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