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Our Core Banking Solutions

You can avail of a range of core banking services, including design and development deployment and optimization, upgrades, and support for any core banking systems and functional modules. We often work with legacy banking systems that banks are looking to upgrade or modify. The old systems cause excessive IT expenditures due to manual processing, inefficient processing, inefficient timing to market, lack of personalization, and lack of integrations.

Digital banking tools can address these issues. Ensure your app is replaced by an industry-opted, standard solution that automates processing, adequate storage of data and analysis, top-quality customer assistance, and omnichannel delivery. Additionally, the latest core banking and financial services offer 360-degree customer views, regulatory compliance, and secure IT Security measures.

We opt for Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Solutions that are designed to modernize Core Banking Systems and flag off the banks’ journey to being more agile, efficient and customer-centric.

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Why Profinch Is The Most Fitting Choice For Core Banking Consulting?​

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Any Core Banking System is a general ledger that manages the central banking functions. These include managing accounts, processing payments deposits, withdrawals, compliances, and more. Core banking solutions are integrated into other systems. They also function as the core databases through which data flows into other parts of the banking institution.

  • Profinch follows of best suitable processes.
  • We provide quality process flow documentation.
  • We help you remove redundant intermediate processes that slow you down.
  • We help you move to a more centralised processing system.
  • You can save cost and time efficient systems.
  • Get better at risk management through optimum checks.
  • Open new new delivery channels like USSD, Internet, Mobile and more.
  • With our Core Banking Solutions, you can build & Retain customer relationships.

The primary advantage of core banking tools and services revolve around efficiency and automation. The software reduces human error and operating costs, enhances decision-making, and aids in preventing fraud. Any banking expert can affirm that these products are essential for every bank.

We are passionate about delivering solutions that provide high value and agility, and hence help build lasting relationships with customers.
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