A growing bank in Congo partners with Profinch for FinFlowz implementation

Digital Transformation

One of the largest commercial banks in Congo was looking at scaling up efficiencies and a better customer onboarding process. FinFlowz was chosen for technological changes to meet the bank’s strategic goals.

Challenge Ahead

The bank faced the following challenges: They were unable to onboard customers anytime | There was difficulty to process KYC with the traditional methods | Users were having difficulty in bifurcating retail and corporate customer creation | Requirement to add revenue streams and reach out to customers across remote geographical areas with an efficient and cost-effective solution | The bank was unable to function agency and retail transactions through a mobile application | It was difficult for the bank to provide utility payment service to the customers | Revamping the MFI and loan origination module

Project Scope

The scope of the project was finalised as below:


The Data Center implementation helped augment brand’s efficiency and streamline vital processes. Following are the key highlights


After a thorough understanding of the bank’s pain points, solutions were delivered to effectively make the digitization process better. Profinch leveraged the data assets and accordingly took robust business decisions to deliver a seamless Customer Onboarding and Agency banking solution to the client. The work put in by Profinch team built a camaraderie of trust with the bank. And after considering the extensive experience and expertise of Profinch team, the bank decided on offering other technological projects to us as well.

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