A leading bank in Malawi partners with Profinch for a unified FCUBS + OBDX implementation

Data Transformation

The clients are amongst some of the premium banking institutions in Libya.

Challenge on Hand

With Libya facing a civil war situation, there was nearly no scope of implementation of the projects, onsite. Profinch came up with a unique solution of implementing the project from its neighbouring country Tunisia and a local office was setup there for all three implementations. The clients either visited frequently for short/long terms for different phases or were stationed permanently until the completion of the project.

Project Scope

The scope of the project was finalised as below:


The implementations are ongoing, as on date. Following are the key highlights:


Digital Banking implementation for these banks is an ongoing challenging task because of Libya’s political situation and the business principles and ethics in Africa’s Arab world. These banks are expecting to disrupt the banking industry in Libya by providing as much online services as possible to the people of the country and their confidence in partnering with Profinch for all integrations and implementation has helped them reposition themselves in the market.

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