Webinar: Achieving RBI ADF Reporting With Ease – Best Practices

Today, cooperative banks in India are met with a mounting requirement for complex regulatory reporting through the ADF XBRL framework to ensure statutory compliance. While the data generated in-house continues to grow in volume as well as intricacy, meeting regulatory requirements is becomingly increasingly complex posing fresh challenges to banks in the geography.

What if an out of the box solution could automate, reduce efforts and drive more efficiencies for banks’ RBI ADF XBRL Reporting and MIS?

Presenting FinCluez Central Bank Reporting Platform

  • Agnostic, built on Regulator’s expectations
  • A single source of truth for all regulatory requirements of a bank and internal consumption
  • Out of the box dashboards, thousands of KPIs
  • Self Service framework for change management / build your own reports and dashboards
  • Versatile tech stack – Multiple choices with regards ETL tool / Databases / Visualization layer
  • Big Data ready

Profinch Solutions organised a curated webinar to discuss

  • Changing Regulatory Landscape in India
  • ADF/CIMS Reporting – The evolving framework
  • Challenges faced by Banks
  • FinCluez to the rescue
  • Best technology practices
  • RBI Reporting on the Cloud

To watch the webinar Click Here