Webinar: Technology At The Heart of Financial Inclusion in Africa

Financial inclusion has become crucial for economies to continue to grow and concurrently ensure that the growth encompasses all. Governments the world over are mandating that financial institutions make financial inclusion a part of their business strategy. According to the Global Findex Database released by the World Bank every three years, close to one-third of all adults globally (i.e., 1.7 billion) remained unbanked. Half of these include women, members of poor households in rural areas or those who are not a part of the workforce.

In this context, statistics from Africa are truly astounding – a whopping 370 million people still remain unbanked and unserved out of the total population of 590 million. What are the steps to be taken to fast-track financial inclusion in Africa? And importantly, how can technology enable change?

Profinch conducted a webinar to discuss:

  • Financial inclusion: Challenges posed by the pandemic, the road ahead
  • Leading transformation in MFIs
  • Automation for financial inclusion
  • A hosted model approach
  • Best practices to lead

To watch the webinar Click Here